The New Low Profile Camera Link Frame Grabber from Active Silicon

  • Published June 2016

Sleek and slender, the low profile FireBird 1xCLD-2PE4L is designed for use in small embedded PC enclosures and rackmount cases where full height PC cards are not suitable. It supports all configurations from Base, Dual-Base, Medium, Full and ‪Deca‬ (80-bit), at clock rates up to 85 MHz.

Like all FireBird grabbers the FBD-1xCLD-2PE4L uses Active Silicon’s proprietary “ActiveDMA” technology that provides the very fastest image acquisition without CPU intervention. Full compliance with the GenICam standard allows smooth integration with all major imaging software libraries and a broad set of cameras. In addition, the proven PHX SDK is available for ‪‎Windows‬, ‪Linux‬, ‪QNX‬ and ‪Mac‬ OS X.

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