Sony FCB H11 and Its Successor the FCB EV7100

  • Published December 2015

Sony’s HD block camera, the FCB H11, is famous for its superior image quality thanks to Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensor technology and a high-quality zoom lens.

The successor to the FCB H11 is the FCB EV7100 which uses the IMX136 image sensor (1/2.8” format, 2.4 MP) featuring very high sensitivity and dynamic range. The image quality of the EV7100 and multiple special features like Moire-reduction, compensation for spot or sun light, de-fogging, low delay, and a wide dynamic range mode offering 130dB make it ideal for any outdoor, low vision or even medical monitoring application.

Our Active FCB interface modules make the integration of a broad range of FCB cameras an easy process. The interface boards have a typical footprint of just 46 x 42 mm and can simply be mounted at the rear of the camera with the supplied mounting kit. Their broadcast quality HD-SDI output can be integrated seamlessly in various system architectures and full access to the video and lens control settings are provided.

Even though Sony discontinued the FCB H11, thousands of installations use this camera worldwide. Customers of Active Silicon can rely on the long-term availability of interface boards for the H11, for its successor the EV7100 and for various other FCB cameras.

Are you interested to save time and resources at the integration of Sony FCB block cameras? Please contact us right here – our team of technical experts is looking forward to help.