AMS Announced Purchase of CMOSIS

  • Published Dezember 2015

CMOSIS and AMS – a perfect fit for further innovation in high-end imaging?

Austria based provider of high-performance sensors and analog solutions AMS has recently announced the purchase of CMOSIS, the pioneer of high-speed and high-resolution image sensors.

At a price of 220m Euros, AMS expects an additional annual sales volume of 60m Euros and complementary synergies from CMOSIS’ intellectual property in image sensor design and AMS’ technological competencies and manufacturing capabilities.

Today, CMOSIS uses third-party service providers to manufacture their image sensors. By early 2018 AMS plans to take over the manufacturing of image sensors in their own custom-built production plant in upstate New York.

As an expert for high-end imaging components and solutions, Active Silicon sees opportunities for cost reduction as well as fast and major advances in image sensor technologies at CMOSIS with the support of AMS. We will be happy to provide the adequate backend support for future sensors with even higher frame rates and resolution.

Read more about the acquisition of CMOSIS and its subsidiary AWAIBA by AMS here.