The Dubai Overpayment Scam

  • Published September 2015

Their tricks have been known for more than five years now, presumably with some success since this particular scam continues to go on. Just recently Active Silicon was targeted by one of their not so good attempts.

Following this we would like to raise awareness for this particular fraud tactic amongst our friends, customers and suppliers in our industry and beyond. This particular fraud is known as the Dubai Overpayment Scam.

When you receive a good sized order after a rather brief set of email exchanges, best to take the view that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t” – especially when the customer…

a) claims to work for a Dubai company, yet he is using a personal type email address.
b) does limited bargaining and doesn’t seem that interested in technical details of the product.
c) places an order and asks for your bank details in order to pay.
d) offers to arrange the shipment himself.

If you accept this order, you are likely to be overpaid by a large amount using a fraudulent cheque deposited by their local agent.

The customer will then ask you to refund the difference hoping that you may be fooled by seeing uncleared funds on your bank account…

Fortunately for us, after a minute or two of excitement, we declined the order and never heard back from them.