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UK union flag and EU flag infront of UK Houses of Parliament

New chapter, old friends

January 31, 2020

The UK is “Brexiting” the EU after years of negotiation and political uncertainty. This is indeed a momentous occasion, but the short- and mid-term reality is likely to be business as usual.

At Active Silicon, we’re not expecting any disruption to our supply chain or increase in costs or prices. This is because we’ve been making preparations for some time, and already trade under WTO regulations. In fact, we’re excited about the opportunities of creating new trade deals and partners and the additional flexibility that we’ll enjoy as a nation. That said, we value our close friendships with our partners in Europe and look forward to these relationships continuing.

We promote the fact that our products are researched, designed, assembled, inspected and tested within our UK offices because we believe that British electronics and skills are world-class. Contact us with your machine vision requirements and let’s work together at the forefront of engineering.