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  • Supports Camera Link and CoaXPress camera interfaces.
  • Features image sequence recording (to AVI, TIFF, BMP and RAW formats).
  • Source code is available for advanced developers.
  • Internal and external trigger modes can be customized per camera.
  • PHX library used for acquisition and camera communication.
  • ADL library used for image display.
  • Windows specific application.

This High-Speed Demo application from Active Silicon acquires, records and displays images at high speed, for use with both CoaXPress and Camera Link acquisition cards. It uses Active Silicon’s PHX API (part of the PHX Software Development Kit) to run the acquisition and OpenGL for image rendering.

HSDemo is a useful tool to acquire and display live images at a camera’s full resolution and highest frame rate without any CPU limitations. The recording functionality also provides the user a simple way to save and analyse image sequences.