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Active Silicon is part of the Solid State plc group and operating as the Imaging business unit of Steatite, Solid State’s manufacturing division. With this alliance, Active Silicon customers are also able to benefit from Steatite’s extensive portfolio of technology for use in harsh environments, including a large variety of industrial PCs and servers. Steatite’s custom engineered solutions meet the operational demands of a wide range of applications.

Steatite computing products include a range of rugged mobile tablets and laptops designed to be drop, water and dust proof, as well as value-add services that cover ground-up design of computers, systems and integrated rack cabinets. Used in a range of sectors including defence, surveillance, industrial and broadcast, Steatite products support critical applications with the processing power and reliability demanded of them.

Computing solutions by Steatite

Steatite designs and manufactures industrial PCs for reliable 24/7 operation in a range of harsh environments and challenging applications.

Applications for Steatite’s computing and PNT products

Steatite, operating since 1938, is renowned for product quality and high levels of service. Read more about Steatite’s industrial and embedded computer systems and contact Steatite directly to discuss your requirements. The team advises with expertise and experience to find the perfect computing solution for your application.

  • Defence & Security – Steatite has been designing and delivering complex computing and PNT solutions for use in military applications for decades.
  • Surveillance & Object Recognition – Steatite provides network video recorders (NVR) for use on trains or buses, video playback systems for CCTV control rooms, and small low power PCs for facial recognition.
  • Broadcast & Video Processing – Steatite industrial computers and timing systems are trusted by some of the world’s largest broadcasters, providing key parts of their recording, control, testing, and playout infrastructure for radio, TV and online.
  • Traffic & Road Transportation – Computing power to keep road transport moving safely and efficiently includes vision systems for ANPR, processor boards for mobile AI and embedded PCs for edge computing.
  • Rail Transportation – Computing products for on-train and track-side applications include passenger information systems, facial recognition systems and on-train ticketing.
  • Medical – Steatite medical-grade computers and fanless PCs are designed for use in a range of healthcare applications including PACS, medical carts, medical imaging and patient registration.

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Learn more about Steatite

In addition to the products listed above, Steatite specializes in rugged portable and industrial embedded computing, custom battery packs, secure communication systems and antennas. Visit Steatite’s website for more information.


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