Food for Thought at Recent EMVA Conference

  • Published June 2016

Inspiring food for thought at the recent EMVA conference in Edinburgh: Dr. Albert Theuwissen introduced ways to utilize the abundant number of pixels in latest CMOS sensors as well as better trade-offs between sensitivity and color fidelity.  Dr. Claus Risager of Blue Ocean Robotics presented a successful franchise business model to keep up with the enormous demand and speed of innovation in robotics and professional actor Michael Rickwood’s closing keynote on how to banish viewers’ boredom in public presentations.

As well as the superb dinner at The Hub, Edinburgh’s iconic gothic landmark, there was live Scottish music and the opportunity to join in and learn some famous Scottish dances had the attendees cheering and chatting in a laid-back atmosphere.  The next venue for the EMVA Business Conference is in Prague, Czech Republic, June 22, 2017.