Results of the IVSM in Kyoto – Spring 2016

  • Published March 2016

Results of the last International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) in Kyoto

Experts from leading companies in the global imaging industry came together for the latest IVSM‬ in March in Kyoto, Japan. They worked on enhancements to the primary machine vision interface standards, from GenICam‬ through CoaXPress‬ and CameraLink‬.

In the CoaXPress meetings, chaired by Active Silicon CTO Chris Beynon, excellent progress was made on the outstanding issues for the next main release of the standard, version 2.0. This version will include higher speeds of 10 and 12.5 Gbps per coax link as well as additional features.

Further work also took place on Camera Link with the key points of version 3.0 discussed, including a lively debate on making GenICam GenTL mandatory – a requirement encouraged by Active Silicon.
The GenICam meeting was in a more reflective mode, with GenICam 3.0 now released and the 10th anniversary of the standard this year. The meeting worked on “blue-sky” thinking of what should be on the wish-list for version 4.0.

At the Plugfest, Active Silicon verified the operation of their frame grabbers with new CoaXPress cameras from Adimec, CIS and JAI.