Legacy Software Drivers

This page lists legacy software drivers and documentation for free download.



Snapper Frame Grabber Software Development Kit

The Snapper software development kit provides support for the complete Snapper range via an identical API across multiple platforms. These include Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, DOS, Linux, VxWorks, LynxOS, Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7/8, Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X. The SDK provides all the required functions for image capture and transfer, I/O, display and file saving, as well as serial communication, exposure and timers on supported hardware.


Please note that since this product range was been discontinued in 2003 we cannot generally provide any further support except in exceptional circumstances.


Legacy datasheets for reference only:

Datasheets for frame grabbers of the Snapper series:

SDK for download:



SecuritySpy CCTV Application for Apple Macs

securityspyOne of the major application areas for the LFG4-MM is security – from high-end defence and aerospace applications to standard digital CCTV – running under a variety of operating systems. Since the LFG4-MM is available with Mac OS X drivers, it is fully compatible with the high performance, low cost SecuritySpy software based on the Apple Mac. The combination of the LFG4-MM and SecuritySpy provide a highly reliable, feature rich digital video surveillance system targeted at small to medium businesses as well as domestic applications.

For questions and support regarding the use of our frame grabbers with SecuritySpy contact lfg.support@activesilion.com.


Apple Mac OS X QuickTime capture (VDig) driver for LFG4-MM (suitable for SecuritySpy & other QuickTime applications):

Current Mac OS X v10.7 to v10.9 Version:
(For Intel Mac Pros & Thunderbolt PCIe Expanders)

Current Mac OS X v10.6 Version:
(For Intel Mac Pros)

Current Universal Version (v10.5 & below):
(For Intel Mac Pro & PowerPC G5 Machines)

Current PowerPC Only Version:
(For PowerPC G5 Machines)

Special PowerPC Version:
Please see the v1.5c Quickstart Guide below to determine if you require this special version.



Video Capture for Windows DirectShow


The DirectShow interface from Microsoft allows third party applications to control a wide variety of video capture devices. We provide a driver for the LFG4-MM frame grabber compatible with DirectShow applications on Windows XP.


Current Capture Driver: