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  • Embedded Vision

    A COM Express Vision PC to your requirements ideal for use in long-life machines.

    We can integrate any type of video acquisition along with all the standard interfaces, plus expansion options using PCIe or PCI/104e. Windows Embedded, Linux and QNX supported.

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  • FireBird Quad CoaXPress

    One of the world's fastest CoaXPress frame grabbers, the FireBird Quad CXP card acquires image data at rates up to 2.4GBytes/sec with no CPU overhead.

    Provided with a Software Development Kit including a GenTL Producer, this card represents the state of the art in high speed acquisition technology.

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  • Blockcam Interface Boards - Sony FCB EV Series

    HD-SDI and CoaXPress interface boards for Sony FCB blockcams including the EV series.

    The Active Silicon interface boards for the Sony range of FCB block cameras are tailored specifically to each camera in the range. Rugged and reliable, they'll work in high temperature enclosure applications.

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  • FireBird Camera Link

    Nothing in the Camera Link world is faster.

    The FireBird Camera Link frame grabber supports simultaneous full speed acquisition in dual 80 bit (Deca) mode as well as quad Base. Now available with GenCP/GenTL drivers, any GenICam compliant application will work straight out of the box.

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  • Custom Embedded Systems

    Tired of using short-life motherboards and plug-in cards for your embedded system?

    Active Silicon offer custom, long life embedded systems, tailored to your specification. We can integrate any type of video acquisition along with all the standard interfaces such as USB3, HDMI, GigE, eSATA etc plus expansion options using PCI Express.

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  • Camera Link PCI/104e

    The Phoenix Camera Link card in PCI/104-Express is designed specifically for embedded systems.

    With an extended operating temperature range and design for rugged applications, the Phoenix Camera Link PCI/104-Express is ideally suited for compact high-reliability embedded solutions.

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