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Autofocus-zoom block camera solutions with multiple video output options

We are a qualified reseller and integration partner for Tamron cameras, including the compact Tamron MP1110M-VC/WP camera and the global shutter Tamron MP3020M-GS camera. We also supply the popular Sony FCB EV-Series block cameras including the latest Sony FCB-EV7520A camera. All of these cameras are compatible with our range of Harrier Camera Interface Boards that convert the camera LVDS output to video formats such as 3G/HD-SDI, analog, HDVLC, USB (UVC) and HDMI.

Active Silicon offer pre-assembled camera/interface board modules (including required mounting components and cable). Our product range includes complete USB AF-zoom block cameras (UVC), HDMI AF-zoom block cameras and 3G/HD-SDI AF-zoom block cameras. To enable fast and easy evaluation of these camera solutions we also offer Camera Evaluation Kits.

Product photo - Active Silicon's Harrier 10x zoom camera
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