Customer Notifications

Product Change Notifications

2017-09-26: FireBird CL frame grabber low profile (ref. CN-0014-01) – Minor improvements.

2016-12-09: Product packaging (ref. CN-0013-01) – New more environmentally friendly packaging.

2015-06-08: FCB camera kits (ref. CN-0012-01) – New screws for the Sony FCB camera module mounting kits.

2014-09-10: Camera Link cables (ref. CN-0011-01) – Longer thumbscrews on CL cables.

2014-07-02: Phoenix interface cards (ref. CN-0010-01) – Power rail sequencing.

2014-03-14: Labels (ref. CN-0009-01) – Product and box label update.

2013-05-22: Phoenix interface cards (ref. CN-0008-01) – Improved I/O features.

2013-05-22: Phoenix interface cards (ref. CN-0007-01) – Boards modified to improve manufacturing process.

2012-12-18: FireBird interface cards (ref. CN-0006-01) – Addition of a fan controller, PCB unchanged.


Product Discontinuation Notices

2012-10-20: Discontinuation of Snapper products (ref. DN-DCXX-0007).