A Solid State plc group company

Providing advanced imaging products, embedded systems and solutions


Active Silicon product information

Find below brochures that summarize information on specific product groups, including our Harrier Camera Products brochure, the Frame Grabber brochure and the Embedded Systems brochure. In addition we offer a Cameras for Drones & Gimbals brochure that lists all cameras in a comparative specifications table and our Portfolio brochure “Computer Imaging Products” that presents our range of products.

Group capabilities and solutions

Active Silicon is part of the Solid State Plc group and collaborates closely with our partner company Steatite. Find below Steatite’s Product Portfolio that includes rugged computers, standard and custom battery packs, tactical communication systems and microwave & RF antennas. Active Silicon operates as the imaging business unit for Steatite. Further, find information on Steatite’s Test Facilities and Capabilities and our joint Engineering Capabilities brochure. See what we as a group can do for you.