Video Gallery

This page contains a series of short videos on the company, products, tradeshows and related areas of interest. If you are interested in our video content, please also subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Under no circumstances can these videos be used for any personal or commercial purpose unless prior written consent is obtained from Active Silicon. Unless otherwise indicated, all videos remain the property of Active Silicon.


2018: Harrier series for long-reach, real-time HD video transmission

This video explains how our Harrier interface board and adapter are revolutionizing long-reach video transmission.


2018: Active Silicon Product Overview – recorded at VISION 2018, Stuttgart

See our embedded systems, frame grabbers and interface boards in action as we demo our cutting-edge technology.


2016: VISION Show, Stuttgart, Germany

Colin Pearce, CEO of Active Silicon, introduces the company and explains the live product demonstrations running at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.


2014:  FireBird GPUDirect

An impromptu demo of Active Silicon’s FireBird frame grabber with GPUDirect drivers – acquiring and painting onto a rotating cube, while using no CPU.  Further details on GPUDirect technology can be found here:


2014:  VISION Show, Stuttgart, Germany

Colin Pearce, CEO of Active Silicon, talks about the company, the products and the demonstrations running live at VISION 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany.


2013: SPIE Defense, Sensing and Security

Colin Pearce, CEO of Active Silicon, describes the product demonstrations at the Active Silicon booth during the SPIE DSS show in Baltimore, USA.


2012: Recording high resolution at 500 frames per second

Recorded at HD resolution 500 frames per second, Active Silicon’s acquisition hardware captures a Stirling engine and some other fun activities!


2010: At the International Standards Booth, VISION 2010, Stuttgart, Germany

Chris Beynon gives an overview of the CoaXPress standard and talks about alternative chipsets and triggering.


2010: A Brief Explanation of how the CoaXPress trigger works

Chris Beynon gives a demonstration and explanation of how CoaXPress triggering achieve high accuracy and low jitter.


2008: Time-lapsed photography of new office fit-out, UK

With an interest in engineering and expertise in vision, the challenging removal of a trussed roof (from the inside) as part of the fit-out of Active Silicon’s custom built office, is photographed over several months and condensed into a three minute video.


2007: Orbital Express

Active Silicon was contracted to manufacture a space qualified version of one of their video acquisitions cards for use on the NASA/DARPA/Boeing mission called Orbital Express.  This video sequence was taken just after launch, using the robot arm with camera fitted to inspect the vehicle prior to deployment.