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Fast and reliable breast cancer diagnosis

August 24, 2016

Fast and Reliable Breast Cancer Diagnosis – with High-speed and High-resolution Imaging

The latest Digital Slide Scanners from a one of the world’s leading scientific cameras manufacturers delivers rapid and automatic super high-resolution scans of laboratory slides.  The fastest models scan up to 100 slides per hour with a scanning resolution of 0.46 μm at 20x magnification.  The Slide Scanner adjusts the objective lens to focus each image in real time and even allows for 3D scans of thicker samples via an image stacking feature.

By analyzing for the presence and frequency of certain types of tumour marker proteins in a histological sample, it is possible to detect cancer in its early stages. For example, HER2, a human epidermal growth factor receptor, has been shown to play an important role in the development and progression of certain aggressive types of breast cancer. Via ImmunoHistoChemistry (IHC) the HER2 receptor can be visualized as darkly stained areas in the cell walls of cancerous tissue as shown in the accompanying microscope image. The information gained with the high-resolution images from the Digital Slide Scanner provides critical information for treatment planning.

All image acquisition in the Digital Slide Scanners mentioned above is performed using fast and reliable Camera Link frame grabbers from Active Silicon. We are proud to contribute to this life-saving technology.