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Rotating carved Halloween pumpkins

How to have fun at Halloween – techie style

October 28, 2019

We’re jumping on the commercially-driven, over-inflated bandwagon that is Halloween, and bringing you our best round-up of engineering activities for the freaky festival.

Fearsome faces
For the software engineers among you, why not try creating your own Halloween mask using image processing – creative website Instructables shows us how with  OpenCV and python.

Family time
Entertaining the children doesn’t have to be all about apple bobbing and sweets. Canadian writer and blogger Shelley Brewer has given us a collection of STEM based activities, from turning Lego into Gummy Mummies to powering a battery with a pumpkin, and not forgetting the imperative glow-in-the-dark slime! View the full list of creepy crafts.

Wonderful wizarding
The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi magazine, reports on student Jasmeet Singh’s project to create a magic wand using computer vision to mysteriously open a box. Harry Potter fans might want to check this one out.

Sweet selection
Once you’ve all returned with your trick-or-treat loot, how do you share out the candy, making sure you end up with your preferred flavors? Raspberry Pi to the rescue again – read how to use a Pi and Google Cloud Vision to ensure the sorting process works in your favor.

Bring on the ghosts
And if none of those challenge your engineering skills enough, EE Times have compiled a brilliant list of Top Spooky Tech Projects. Our favorite is definitely the motion-activated transparent screaming ghost!

Computer vision doesn’t have to be all about solutions to industrial challenges and medical breakthroughs – although it’s pretty good for those! Bring some technical expertise to your Halloween and enjoy the lighter side of engineering for the day. Want to know more about the business side? View our products and resources to see how to bring machine vision to life at work too.