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The Great Shrink - the end of Moore's Law

Great insight on the great shrink

October 25, 2017

The Week Magazine recently published an interesting article following the history of Moore’s Law, and the phasing out of this self-fulfilling prophecy. When the driving force of the computing industry – that the number of components in an integrated circuit will double every two years – comes to an end, where will computing head to? The article outlines likely solutions, amongst others, as better programming, the introduction of 3D chips and quantum computing. We thought the article gives a great insight into the direction that computing is moving, as demand grows for ever smaller and more powerful devices. Read the full article here.

Without doubt, technology is moving off the desktop and towards the cloud, edge or other remote center, and our engineers are moving with the times to enable our embedded systems and frame grabbers to keep supporting the applications of the future. Contact us to see how our solutions could advance your applications.

Reproduced with kind permission from The Week, Issue 1138, 19th August 2017