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FireBird Quad CoaXPress frame grabber with Mikrotron 25 MP color camera

How to De-Bayer 2 Billion Color Pixels per Second

March 16, 2016

At last week’s Korean Vision Show, as part of Automation World 2016, our FireBird Quad CoaXPress frame grabber demonstrated its acquisition performance with a Mikrotron 25 MP color camera providing 80 fps. The processing of this vast amount of image data requires the highly parallel processing capabilities of GPUs. Even just the write and read operations on the system RAM before delivering the data to the RAM of a graphics card would overload modern CPUs and bus architectures.

Featuring NVIDIA’s GPUDirect for Video, the FireBird frame grabber can effectively bypass the system RAM and deliver the incredible amount of 2 billion Bayer encoded pixels per second directly to the GPU for real-time de-Bayering, scaling and displaying on the screen without any load on the CPU.

Would you like to learn more about the FireBird frame grabber with its GPUDirect for Video support?
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