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Symbolic fish representing the swallowing, or acquisition, of the camera OEMs Tattile, Mikrotron, Lakesight Technologies and now Chromasens

Line Scan and High Speed Imaging Specialist Chromasens Joins Lakesight Technologies

May 25, 2017

After the acquisition of the camera OEMs Tattile and Mikrotron, Lakesight Technologies is integrating Chromasens into their group. Chromasens, based in Constance, Germany, has about 60 employees mostly working in R&D, and annual sales of round 10 million Euro. Both managing directors, Martin Hund and Markus Schnitzlein, keep their roles at Chromasens and are also represented in the Board of Directors of Lakesight. Chromasens is looking forward to benefitting from extensive synergies such as expanded sales forces and more resources for the development of innovative products.

All three camera OEMs, Tattile, Mikrotron, and Chromasens are offering line-scan and high-speed cameras. Multiple machine vision systems worldwide are already getting the best out of imaging technologies by combining their cameras with Active Silicon’s Camera Link or CoaXPress frame grabbers. We are looking forward to seeing new machine vision solutions enabled through the interoperation of innovative cameras and our high-performance image acquisition cards.

Lakesight aims to create a global leading platform in the machine vision sector. According to Ambienta, Lakesight’s private equity backer, Chromasens fits perfectly within the group and is complementary on all levels, from the product portfolio to the sales channels, and the R&D capabilities. Ambienta claims to have the world’s largest pool of capital to invest in businesses that will improve resource efficiency from an environmental perspective and will benefit large industry sectors such as energy, food production and healthcare. Machine Vision is certainly a key technology to meet these aims.