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Low latency Harrier IP af-zoom cameras

Optimizing IP cameras for reduced latency

May 1, 2024

We’ve updated our Technical Note on obtaining the lowest latency from Harrier AF-Zoom IP cameras so it includes accurate latency measurements from even more models.

The table of recorded latency in the document now includes measurements for our Harrier 52x AF-Zoom IP Camera and Harrier 55x AF-Zoom IP Camera, alongside our other Harrier IP models. This helps you select the best option for your application to ensure video transmission speeds and quality will meet your needs.

The guide also explains how latency is introduced to vision systems and what you can do to reduce this. Here’s a summary of the key recommendations:

  • Set a high frame rate on the AF-Zoom camera (60Hz).
  • Do not use processing-intense AF-Zoom camera features.
  • Enable low latency mode if the AF-Zoom camera has one.
  • If the volume of the data at the high frame rate is too high, set the Harrier IP Camera Interface board Encoding Interval to 2 to deliver 1080p30 with ~1080p60 latency.
  • Use a hardware accelerated IP processing interface board such as the Harrier IP Camera Interface Board.
  • Operate a simple network that doesn’t carry high amounts of unrelated data.
  • Use a point-to-point network connection for the lowest latency and jitter.
  • Select a high-performance computer that can receive, decode, process and display images quickly without interruption.
  • Select software which can be set to perform minimal buffering and video processing.
  • Ensure that the display screen has minimal latency.

Read the Technical Note now and select the Harrier Autofocus-Zoom IP Camera that will optimize your vision system.