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Flat panel inspection using Firebird frame grabber and GPUDirect

New CCD Image Sensor for Flat Panel Inspection

May 24, 2016

CCD image quality with 47MP @ 7fps for flat panel inspection and wherever high image resolution is key

The KAI47051 CCD image sensor with 47MP resolution and up to 7fps at 12bit pixel depth is the new flagship of ON Semiconductor. Where previously multiple low-resolution cameras had to be arranged in a matrix to create high resolution images, e.g. inspection of display panels, solar panels, organic tissue or other objects, a single camera utilizing the KAI14051 does the job. Several camera OEMs have already designed this sensor into cameras with Camera Link and CoaXPress interfaces to cope with the data rate.

Active Silicon’s FireBird frame grabbers simplify system design with their full support of the GenICam standard. By direct routing of the incoming pixel stream to the GPU using NVIDIA’s GPUDirect, Active Silicon’s SDK enables real-time processing.

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