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onsemi extends its vision with the acquisition of SWIR Vision Systems

July 8, 2024

The US provider of intelligent power and sensing technologies, onsemi, has confirmed it has acquired SWIR Vision Systems, the disruptive sensor start-up, also headquartered in the States.

SWIR Vision Systems started as an independent company in 2018 and has patented its award-winning CMOS-based CQD® technology that extends the detectable light spectrum into the SWIR (shortwave infrared) wavelength to see through dense materials, gases, fabrics and plastics.

onsemi focuses on automotive and industrial end-markets and has over 33,000 employees with a presence in 19 countries. Incorporating this CQD technology into onsemi’s CMOS sensors will elevate the company’s intelligent sensing product line, driving growth in critical sectors such as industrial, automotive, and defense. The sensors will be particularly useful for machine vision applications such as food processing and PCB inspection.

SWIR Vision Systems will be a wholly owned subsidiary of onsemi and its team, continuing to operate in North Carolina, will be integrated into the company’s Intelligent Sensing Group.