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SONY FCB camera turned into a broadcast-quality HD-SDI camera

June 29, 2016

This plug’n’play kit turns every SONY FCB EV7100 into a broadcast-quality HD-SDI camera, e.g. for the monitoring of surgical procedures.

The Active FCB-EV-HD-SDI is a complete and cost-effective interface solution to provide real-time HD-SDI video from the SONY EV series of block cameras. Take full advantage of the high definition digital video provided by the FCB-EV block cameras with the help of this kit! Among other applications, the SONY FCB EV7100 including the Active FCB-EV-HD-SDI module have lately been successfully integrated into a surgical lighting system for the monitoring, recording and teaching of surgical procedures.

What applications of a SONY FCB EV-Series camera with our HD-SDI module come to your mind!
Please let us know and contact us!