These pages list our products by category. Within each category, the products may be filtered by their various features.

  • Frame Grabbers

    Active Silicon designs and manufactures a wide range of acquisition solutions based around leading-edge hardware technology and versatile software toolkits. Our frame grabber range includes acquisition solutions for CoaXPress, Camera Link and LVDS in different form factors. Operating system support includes 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux, and QNX.

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  • Camera Interface Boards

    Active Silicon offers a range of interface boards for AutoFocus-Zoom cameras from Tamron, Sony and others. The interface boards take data from the proprietary camera interface and format into industry standard interfaces such as 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, USB 3.0, HDMI and IP. All modules feature very low clock jitter and stable outputs over a wide temperature range and are suited to many applications in broadcast, medical, industrial, security and defense applications.

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  • Embedded Systems
      Active Silicon designs and manufactures custom embedded systems, often integrating our leading-edge image acquisition technology. Typically, units are designed for a specific OEM application often in the field of medical devices, industrial automation or remote monitoring. Our embedded vision systems meet various safety, quality and medical standards as appropriate, as well as being designed for long product life – retaining the same fit, form and function for many years.
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  • Software

    Active Silicon offers a range of software to support its vision hardware products across several operating systems. There are also drivers for 3rd party machine vision and scientific imaging packages as well as Twain and NetMeeting support. Independent of the hardware we have a variety of other image processing tools such as JPEG and wavelet compression and patented vision algorithms.

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