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Harvester GUI – Active Silicon fork

  • Image data visualization tool for use in Linux environments.
  • For use with CoaXPress cameras and FireBird frame grabbers
  • With feature browser to manipulate exposure time, triggering and storing camera configurations.
  • Intuitive image display manipulation e.g. zooming and dragging.
  • Required software modules: Python>=3.5,<3.9
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Harvester GUI (Active Silicon fork) is a high-performance GenICam compliant image data visualization tool that we recommend to use in Linux environments in combination with CoaXPress cameras and our FireBird frame grabbers. With the help of this GUI and a GenTL Producer, acquired images can be displayed. With mouse or trackpad the image can be zoomed in or out, as well as dragged to change the part of the image being displayed. A feature browser window allows to manipulate GenICam feature nodes of the camera and the frame grabber, including changing the exposure time, triggering and storing camera configurations.

Harvester GUI works on top of Harvester, which requires the software modules Python>=3.5,<3.9. Find screenshots and instructions at Github.com.

The Active Silicon fork of Harvester GUI is available for use with FireBird frame grabbers, other versions would not work out-of-the-box. A download is provided upon request, please contact our team for more information or a download.