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CTO and Software Engineer from Active Silicon at the Spring 2017 IVSM

A Sum up of the Spring IVSM – Good Progress and Some Controversy

May 22, 2017

Around 80 experts from vision companies around the world met up recently in Natick, near Boston MA, for the Spring International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM).

The week started with the GenICam meeting, where a key decision was to formally agree to add GenSP as a module of GenICam. GenSP will allow standards such as CoaXPress to use and transfer new image formats, such as 3D image data, in a consistent way throughout the industry. Significant work has taken place to get from an early proposal at the previous IVSM, to a much more complete version now.

On Wednesday there was the “PlugFest”, where companies work together to ensure interoperability of their products. Several new cameras were successfully tested with Active Silicon’s FireBird CoaXPress frame grabber.

The meeting for the Camera Link standard had unusually high attendance, following the decision of the AIA Board of Directors to overturn the previous IVSM vote to make GenTL mandatory. Strong feelings were expressed at the meeting, but it looks unlikely that the Board will reverse its controversial decision.

The CoaXPress roadmap was discussed under the chair of Chris Beynon, Active Silicon’s CTO. Version 2 of the standard is getting close to completion, so the meeting concentrated on resolving the outstanding topics, ready to go to ballot late summer.

Artwork at the hosting company, Mathworks, allowed some inspired photos to be taken of the attendees, including Active Silicon’s attendees Chris Beynon and Emile Dodin.

The next IVSM starts 16 October 2017 in Hiroshima, Japan. Read more about the organisation of the key vision standards.