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City view of Toronto with details of the IVSM meeting

IVSM Toronto – Fall 2023

October 26, 2023

It’s International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) time of year again and the event was held last week in Toronto as the first all-in-person meeting since COVID and with numbers near enough back to normal.

Our CTO, Chris, and Head of Software, Jean-Philippe, attended to help keep us up-to-date – and indeed to influence – what’s going in the world of machine vision standards.

Chris chaired the CoaXPress meeting which mainly discussed the path to 25 Gbps systems (CXP-25) and faster, on both copper and fiber.  As a result, there is a plan to create a version 3.0 of the CoaXPress specification which will add CXP-25 over copper and merge in the recently completed CoaXPress-over-Fiber 25G document. This could be published as soon as within the next 12 months, watch this space.

Increasing customer and regulatory requirements related to cyber-security were discussed several times in both the GenICam meeting and other standards meetings, and shows how increasingly rigorous compliance requirements are affecting machine vision.

In the GenICam meeting, Chris was voted in as one of two GenICam “IPR Representatives” to represent the voice of the GenICam member companies to the EMVA standards body should any issues come up over the usage of IP (intellectual property).

Finally, Toronto definitely won the prize for the best view ever from the official group dinner, which was held 350m / 1100 feet above Toronto in the revolving restaurant in the CN Tower (photo above).

Look out for the next IVSM update next April following a meeting in Japan.

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