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new product - Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera Global Shutter with HD-SDI and USB/HDMI versions

A global shutter camera with a powerful 36x optical zoom

February 10, 2021

We are delighted to share details of our latest autofocus-zoom camera modules. The Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Cameras combine a powerful 36x optical zoom lens, a Sony global shutter CMOS sensor and multiple video outputs to deliver a first-class 1080p/60 block camera solution that is suited to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. If you need to capture distortion free images of moving objects, these competitively priced global shutter cameras are what you are looking for.

Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera
This global shutter camera supports Full HD LVDS video output, and comes with an EX-SDI output option. The camera has external trigger and strobe out capability. Special features include Digital Image Stabilization, Noise Reduction, Privacy Mask Function, Intelligent Motion Detection, Day & Night mode (Infrared Cut filter Removal, ICR) and High/Back Light Compensation (HLC/BLC).

The Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera is compatible with all our Harrier Camera Interface Boards. The interface boards attach closely to the back of the block camera and expand the video output options to USB 3, HDMI, HD-SDI, HD-VLC and IP (Ethernet) H.264.

Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera with USB/HDMI output
This version of the Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera offers simultaneous display of both HDMI and USB Video Class (UVC) v1.1 output with full HD image output at 1920 x 1080p (30 fps). Camera video mode is selected by DIP switch settings on the board, or, along with other functions, controlled using UVC commands or by sending VISCA commands over RS-485/RS-232/TTL or USB (using the Harrier Virtual COM port). The USB interface serves as (UVC) video output, USB based virtual COM port, and power supply.

Harrier 36x AF-Zoom Camera with HD-SDI output
This HD-SDI global shutter camera also provides simultaneous analog output (CVBS) and supports HD-VLC™ compressed video output mode for extra-long cable length applications. Serial VISCA over TTL, RS-232 and RS-485 or Pelco-D/P Control Protocol can be used to control the camera. DIP switch settings control the selection of serial communication protocol, HD-VLC output and camera video output mode on power-up.

With powerful 36x zoom, these global shutter cameras are extremely versatile and offer many useful options for machine vision systems; they are ideal for industrial inspection, remote monitoring, surveillance and aerospace applications.

Do you need additional functionality? We can help you introduce or enhance your vision system with a reliable, customised solution. View our range of cameras, camera interface boards and software online and contact our team now to understand the benefits of high-speed vision.