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IVSM Machine Vision Standards Fall 2018 meeting Austin, Texas, Active Silicon

What did you miss at IVSM?

October 1, 2018

17th-21st September saw the Fall 2018 International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) take place in Austin, Texas. Here’s a synopsis of what went on and key developments.

The meeting opened with a minute’s silence in memory of the EMVA’s Standards Manager, Arnaud Darmont, who sadly died at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico while on a short vacation prior to the IVSM. He will be greatly missed by the vision community.

GenICam development
The key news from the GenICam sessions was an agreement to create a release candidate for the new GenDC standard that defines the low-level data packet format to transfer image data between cameras and host systems. Active Silicon has joined in the definition of this new standard over the last few years and will continue to be involved.

Progress in CoaXPress
The CoaXPress meetings, chaired by Active Silicon’s CTO, Chris Beynon, concentrated on signing off the remaining work needed before a release candidate for CoaXPress version 2.0 can shortly be issued.  Also, the group discussed longer term options for very high speed optical communications, as part of the existing work which is attempting to align the optical plans of both CoaXPress and Camera Link HS.

Embedded Vision standardization
Finally, a new standards group is now working on the future of embedded vision.  It is initially concentrating on how to make a typical embedded system comprising a MIPI camera and embedded processor easier for a customer to program by reusing parts of the GenICam standard in combination with Video4Linux (V4L) and GStreamer. We’ll keep an eye on developments here as they progress.

We’re looking forward to the next IVSM in Suzhou, China, starting 25th March 2019, which will be the first meeting hosted by the Chinese vision association, the CMVU.

See more about machine vision standards and details from previous IVSM conferences here.