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Faster GPU processing with AMD's DirectGMA

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  • Supported GPUs: FirePro W™ W5x00 and above; FirePro™S series.
  • Operating system – Windows 7/8/10 64‑bit or Linux 64-bit.
  • Supporting API – OpenCL™, OpenGL®, DirectX®.
  • AMD graphic cards support STREAM technology, which uses OpenCL cross-platform programming standard.
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All Active Silicon FireBird interface cards are compatible with AMD’s DirectGMA technology.

DirectGMA (Direct Graphics Memory Access) is AMD’s proprietary method and API for low latency peer-to-peer data transfers between PCI Express devices.  The API exposes part of the GPU memory and makes it accessible to other devices on the bus, such as Active Silicon’s acquisition cards. This allows the frame grabber to DMA image data directly into GPU memory, with no CPU involvement at all and bypassing system memory completely, resulting in minimal latency data transfer with the added benefit of saving memory bandwidth.

Setup requirements:

  • AMD GPU supporting DirectGMA.
  • Active Silicon’s SDK and AMD SDK.
  • FireBird frame grabber.

See more details on our GPU Solutions resources page.

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