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Harrier IP Example Software

  • ONVIF service based camera control (Profile S).
  • ONVIF Device IO support for VISCA communication with cameras.
  • Text and graphical overlay management using ONVIF service.


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The Harrier IP interface board/camera is ONVIF compliant so standard ONVIF applications and example/reference code (available from the web) can be used with the board/camera. The easiest way to start working with the Harrier IP camera is to download and consult the Harrier IP Quickstart Guide (see the Downloads section on the Harrier IP page).

The Harrier IP Example Software has been developed for use with H.264 Ethernet IP/ONVIF compatible Harrier products. It contains sample application code for adding text/graphical overlays to the live video stream and sending VISCA commands to the camera via the ONVIF Media and DeviceIO services.

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