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Long-reach HD video transmission technologies

A pipe ready for a pipe inspectionMaintaining image quality when receiving analog and digital video over extended distances has proved to be challenging. Various technology solutions and hardware have been explored and developed to address latency, resolution and cost issues. We summarized possibilities and solutions in our white paper: “Long-reach HD video transmission technologies”.

Active Silicon’s solution with HD-VLCTM technology

Active Silicon has developed an interface solution based on our Harrier range of autofocus-zoom block cameras, digital video interface boards and video adapters for transmitting HD video over long cables with no visual loss.

Harrier cameras and the BlueBird SDI Adapter
The Harrier AF-Zoom 3G/HD-SDI cameras make it possible to transmit video digitally over twisted pair cables up to 150m and coax cables up to 700m, with fiber optic offering the option of many kilometers. Multiple slip rings can be used as well. The BlueBird SDI Adapter converts the signal back into SDI, USB or HDMI, ready for viewing on a monitor or processing via computer. Watch our video on long-reach digital video transmission for more information.

HD-VLCTM technology and supporting software
HD-VLCTM technology, developed by Semtech Corporation, comprises a unique CODEC, which encodes HD data to the same rate as standard definition video, i.e. 270Mb/s or 540Mb/s serial data rate. In this way HD-VLC ensures superior image quality without adding any latency to the system.

Additionally, Active Silicon provides a full Evaluation Kit for extensive evaluation and testing and the Harrier USB SDK for simple integration and control of the BlueBird SDI Adapter.

A flexible solution for many applications with long-reach requirements

This SDI – HD-VLC solution has been successfully implemented by customers in the energy sector for remote monitoring of industrial plants and pipe inspection. Other applications are, for example, in the medical sector and security and surveillance tasks. To increase flexibility, we can offer a range of different autofocus-zoom camera models, including very compact models, global shutter options and cameras with powerful zoom.

Solutions with all Harrier AF-zoom 3G/HD-SDI camera models include the following features and benefits:

  • HD video transmission over long cables
  • Output options for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, USB3, HDMI and HD-VLC
  • Low-latency, high-definition image acquisition
  • Simultaneous digital and analog video output (PAL/NTSC) in 720p50/59.94/60 modes
  • OEM options (via custom firmware) for meta-data to be inserted into the video stream
  • very low clock jitter and stable outputs over a wide temperature range

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