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Photo of content and case of the evaluation kit for Harrier 3G-SDI

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Evaluation Kit for Harrier 3G-SDI

Part Number: AS-CIB-3GSDI-002-EVAL-B

  • For evaluation of the Harrier 3G-SDI Camera Interface Board and camera solutions with this board.
  • Includes the Harrier Evaluation Board, power supply and all cables required for fast setup.
  • Immediate connection to 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or HD-VLC video outputs.
  • VISCA™ camera control.
  • Buttons for test pattern generation and reset.
  • LEDs to indicate power and SYNC signal status.
  • JTAG programming capability.
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Products Specs


Ordering Info


The Evaluation Kit for Harrier 3G-SDI delivers everything you need for rapid evaluation of the Harrier 3G-SDI Camera Interface Board and all Harrier camera solutions with this board. The Evaluation Kit contains the Harrier Evaluation Board, a multi-region power adapter and a complete set of cables that enables you to quickly and easily setup and test Harrier 3G/HD-SDI camera solutions.

The Harrier Evaluation Board provides power, VISCA serial communication to the camera/camera interface board, easy access to analog video output and push-button control of reset and test pattern generation signals. For more information please download the Quickstart guide relevant for your camera and the Harrier Evaluation Board datasheet (see downloads) .

Note: the Evaluation Kit does not include a camera or camera interface board – these need to be ordered separately.

Evaluation Kit

AS-CIB-3GSDI-002-EVAL-B kit content:

  • Harrier Evaluation Board
  • 9-way cable
  • 4-way cable
  • White 8-way cable
  • H.FL micro coaxial cable and BNC adapter
  • 30-way micro coax cable (KEL cable)
  • USB Type A to mini USB Type B cable
  • Multi-region 12V power supply (please fit the adapter suitable for your region)

Please note: Camera and Camera Interface Board not included.

Weight of the evaluation kit:

1.25 kg (including case)

Dimensions of the case:

355mm x 310mm (max) x 90mm (L x H x D)

Harrier Evaluation Board Features

Analog output (J301)

BNC connector to supply the analog video output that is supplied (when enabled) from the PWR/CTRL connector(s) (J3) on the camera interface board.

PGEN button (SW303)

Button, when pressed will activate the I/O signal (on J102) that causes the camera interface board to generate a test pattern video output. The test pattern will only be displayed whilst the button is being held down.

Reset button (SW304)

Button, when pressed it will activate the I/O signal (on J102) that causes the camera interface board to reset. Reset is required to activate some features of Tamron cameras (e.g. change of video mode). It is also possible to trigger a camera reset via VISCA command.

Power (J306)

Power is supplied to the Harrier Evaluation Board from a 12V power supply via a barrel connector (J306). A connected camera and interface board are powered from the same supply via the Power Switch (SW302). When the Power Switch (and power supply) is switched ON the PWR ON LED will illuminate. The power supply is protected against reverse connection by a diode.

Serial communications/USB input

Serial camera/camera interface board control is provided by the USB interface (FTDi FT4232 Mini Module). A standard a USB Type A to mini USB Type B cable is used to connect the board to a PC.

FTDI drivers are required to communicate with the FTDI module. These drivers are usually automatically installed on Windows 10. For Windows 7, it is recommended that the latest drivers are installed; these are available from here:

The board USB connection will be seen by the PC software/OS as three standard virtual COM port connections. The number of each COM port is assigned by the software/OS being used. Windows Device Manager can be used to identify the three actual port numbers assigned.


100mm x 78mm (not including connectors).



Power supply and consumption

12V ±5%; maximum 1W + connected device power consumption.

Temperature and humidity

Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C.
Operating temperature: 0°C to +60°C (ambient environment).
Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing (operating and storage).

Further information

The Harrier Evaluation Board datasheet, available in the download section, provides additional information on the board, including JTAG programming and firmware update, connector specifications of the board, test software, conformance and physical/environmental details.

A photo and a diagram of the Harrier Evaluation Board can be viewed under the “Images” tab on this page as well as in the datasheet.

Ordering Information

Part number Description


Evaluation Kit for Harrier 3G-SDI. Includes power supply, board cables (AS-CIB-CBLKIT-002-B), micro-coax cable (AS-CIB-USL30-100MM, for connecting camera with camera interface board) and the Harrier Evaluation Board with PC serial interface (via USB UART). Not included: Camera and camera interface board.


Harrier 3G-SDI Camera Interface Board. Analog composite output (when in 720p50/59.94/60 operating modes). Support for HD-VLC compression technology. Board only, no cables included.


Cable kit for AS-CIB-3GSDI-002-A containing H.FL micro coax cable, BNC adapter and control cables for J2 and J3.