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Artificial intelligence in vision

July 10, 2020

Over the course of 12 months, we published ten episodes of our AI blog, looking at all aspects of Artificial Intelligence in vision. You can read the full series here, or dip in and out of relevant episodes.

What we found most interesting was the adoption of AI and machine learning techniques in an increasingly diverse array of applications. For example, the use of embedded vision and AI to bring sight to the visually impaired. We touched on the threats that AI could bring to world peace, and the many opportunities it is delivering to smart factories. With processing power demands increasing all the time, AI is offering an alternative way to get more out of your processor devices, alleviating the effects from the anticipated conclusion of Moore’s law.

AI is playing an increasingly influential role in everyday life and we’re particularly excited about the prospects it’s bringing to computer vision. Review our AI series here and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of the latest developments.