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Artificial Intelligence – The AI Series

To keep up with the latest developments and their impact on the machine vision industry, we publish regular blogs on subjects relating to all things AI, including opportunities and threats, Deep Learning, CNNs, and Cloud Computing versus Edge Computing.

Active Silicon’s AI Series:

Part 1: Applying Deep Learning to FPGAs
Part 2: Artificial Intelligence and machine vision: the good, the bad and the ugly
Part 3: Less programming and faster vision solutions with CNNs
Part 4: Cloud-based FPGAs offer accelerated machine learning
Part 5: AI and computer vision are bringing Industry 4.0 to a smart factory near you
Part 6: Artificial Intelligence and embedded vision revolutionizing wearable device capabilities
Part 7: Will we still need doctors? Computer vision and AI steer medical diagnostics
Part 8: 5 Applications leveraging drone technology and AI
Part 9: IBM’s Watson – what’s it all about, and why is it watching the tennis?
Part 10: AI and Computer Vision are making the world a better place

Updates to the AI Series:

The realistic scope of AI (analyzing the use of AI in automotive industry, medical and chatbots)
Artificial intelligence in vision

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