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BlueBird SDI Adapter product launch

SDI adapter extends capability for challenging vision applications

April 20, 2022

The BlueBird SDI Adapter is a single channel host-end acquisition solution for 3G and HD-SDI video streams. The adapter is designed to work with a range of cameras to capture high-definition video/images and transfer these at lightning speed in challenging environments.

Technical details
The video input signal is supplied via the BNC connector, or over twisted pair via the RJ45 connector. Three parallel video outputs are provided: 3G-SDI/HD-SDI output (via BNC), an HDMI output, and USB Video Class (UVC) streaming video (via a SuperSpeed USB Type-C connector). Remote camera control is enabled by connecting a PC to the adapter via the SuperSpeed USB port or the USB Micro-B port. A single standard Cat5 Ethernet cable connected between the adapter RJ45 port and the camera can carry both RS-485 communications and video data.

The adapter is available as a board or fitted into a rugged enclosure for use as a standalone unit. When enclosed, it measures just 127mm x 86mm x 31mm.

BlueBird and Harrier products – the answer to real-time, high-definition, long-reach video transmission
In addition to standard 3G and HD-SDI streams, the BlueBird SDI Adapter automatically decodes HD-VLC™ encoded video streams – a technology supported by Active Silicon’s Harrier Camera Interface Boards fitted to Harrier autofocus-zoom block cameras, as well as Tamron and Sony block cameras. This end-to-end HD-VLC™ solution enables the use of longer cable lengths up to and, in certain cases exceeding, 700m ,and multiple slip rings, extending camera capability for challenging applications such as pipe inspection, robotics and remote vision in general. Read our white paper on long-reach HD video transmission technology to find out more, or watch the product in action in our video.

If the adapter doesn’t quite meet the requirements of your vision system, speak to us about our customized design services. Our experts can modify hardware and software to deliver optimized solutions.

Contact us to find out more, and view the full range of our trusted camera interface boards here.