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Sony FCB-EV9520L block camera with Harrier IP Ethernet interface board

Enhance your vision system with the latest Sony technology

September 15, 2023

Sony’s newest AF-Zoom block camera, the FCB-EV9520L. supports full HD resolution even in ultra-low light (0.009l-0.00008lx) and near infrared (NIR) conditions. It features 30x optical zoom and a 2MP STARVIS sensor. Our easily-mounted Harrier Camera Interface Boards allow users to increase the video output options of the camera.

Sony FCB-EV9520L enabled with Harrier technology

Assembled modules are available with Ethernet IP, USB3 (UVC), and 3G-SDI output. Adding a Harrier board also allows customizations such as graphical overlays and text to video streams.

With the same dimensions as the previous EV-7520/A cameras, the Sony FCB-EV9520L can be dropped into existing vision systems or designed-in to new setups. Its compact size and outstanding features make it ideal for surveillance, surveying and remote monitoring as well as use on UAVs, ROVs and AMRs.

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