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Integrated Camera and Lighting Unit – VC2

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Integrated Camera and Lighting Unit – VC2

Part Number: AS-VC2-DET-SYS-A

  • Custom controller based on Microchip PIC.
  • Built-in LED lighting with controller.
  • Integrated camera and lens.
  • 1 x RS-232.
  • 1 x custom bus with real-time signals.
  • LEDs for operational and service feedback.
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The VC2 Integrated Camera and Lighting Unit is a custom designed electro-optical unit with integrated lighting control, camera and lens.  The unit is part of a computer vision based object recognition and sorting machine.  The unit has been designed for high volume manufacture, deployment and a long service life.

The unit is designed to operate for up to 10 years and the built-in lighting controller is continually compensating for LED efficiency degradation over the product’s lifetime.

If you have a requirement for an embedded system with high reliability and long product life, please contact us for further details.