Active Silicon frame grabbers compatible with EyeMotion, Adaptive Vision Studio, Halcon, Streampix, M3, nVISION and Common Vision Blox
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Third Party Applications

  • Adaptive Vision Studio and Library (Adaptive Vision)
  • Common Vision Blox (Stemmer Imaging)
  • EyeMotion (See Fast Technologies)
  • HALCON (MVTec)
  • M3 (Metlogix)
  • nVISION (di-soric Imaging)
  • Streampix (Norpix)

Active Silicon’s acquisition cards are compatible with a number of leading third party applications. Compatible software packages include Adaptive Vision’s Adaptive Vision Studio and Library, di-soric Imaging’s nVISION, Metlogix’s M3, MVTec’s HALCON, Norpix’s Streampix, See Fast Technologies’ EyeMotion and Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox. This list is not exhaustive – please contact our team for further information.

We also provide a GenICam support for all our FireBird frame grabber and drivers for the software packages Catalyst (live broadcasting), Cognex VisionPro (machine vision) and National Instruments’ LabVIEW.