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GenICam compliant frame grabber solutions

Hosted by the EMVA, GenICam is a global standard which provides a single application programming interface (API) for machine vision and industrial cameras.

Active Silicon’s FireBird frame grabbers are provided with a GenICam compliant driver package (known as a “GenICam Producer”) to support applications which use GenAPI, GenTL, GenCP or CLProtocol protocols.

One of the key benefits with using frame grabbers with GenICam support is interoperability, any GenICam compliant hardware (such as a GenICam frame grabber) should work with any GenICam compliant application software. This means that applications already using the GenICam environment, for example with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras, can also use Active Silicon’s high speed and high quality Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers with minimal change to the application.


The FireBird range of frame grabbers with GenICam drivers, supports high speed multi-channel acquisition.

+ Camera Link frame grabbers – 80-Bit (Deca; incl. Base, Medium and Full)
+ CoaXPress frame grabbers – single, dual and quad



Further GenICam resources, information and downloads are available from the EMVA here.


Download GenICam Solutions Datasheet.