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product images of 4 autofocus-zoom cameras with 3G-SDI, USB (UVC), HDMI and LVDS output

Autofocus-zoom block cameras with multiple video outputs

October 14, 2020

Active Silicon offers a range of compact autofocus-zoom cameras with 3G-SDI, USB (UVC), HDMI and LVDS output. View our AF-zoom block cameras online, among them very compact options and global shutter cameras. The cameras are customizable and can be supplied with application-specific video processing functions programmed into the FPGA. Their fast autofocus-zoom function brings flexible, cost-effective solutions to many imaging tasks. To enable fast and easy evaluation of these camera solutions we offer Camera Evaluation Kits that contain all the parts required for a full camera evaluation.

In addition to our 3G-SDI and USB/HDMI AF-Zoom cameras, we are resellers and integration partners for Tamron cameras, including the compact Tamron MP1110M-VC/WP camera and the global shutter Tamron MP2030M-GS camera. We also supply the popular Sony FCB EV-Series block cameras including the latest Sony FCB-EV7520A camera.

Superior flexibility
Block cameras assembled with our Harrier interface boards offer enhanced camera control. For applications requiring very long cables, such as pipe inspection, HD-VLC™ technology ensures visually lossless video signal transmission over coax cables in excess of 700 meters. The AF-Zoom functionality brings excellent flexibility to a vision system as the camera unit will quickly re-focus with no mechanical adjustment required when the object scenery changes. Our cameras can also be completely controlled through VISCA™ protocol TTL/RS232/RS485 serial and our advanced software, introducing even more adaptability.

Ideal for numerous applications
The very compact size of our smallest cameras (31.9 x 41.5 x 58.4mm) means they are perfectly suited to applications within the inspection and remote monitoring sectors. High-resolution video is transmitted with extremely low latency, making the modules ideal for pipe inspection, drones and ROVs, ANPR and toll management, medical imaging and general industrial inspection.

View the full range online or contact us with your vision challenges so we can match you to the perfect solution.