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Looking through a magnifying glass we see the new Machine Vision Standard release CoaXPress 2.1

CoaXPress update: new release

March 9, 2021

Following the release of the CoaXPress standard v2.0 in 2020, which doubled both the uplink and downlink speeds, JIIA has just released CoaXPress v2.1.  This update, edited by our CTO Chris Beynon, who is also the Technical Chair of CoaXPress, mainly adds support for the new GenDC standard, making CoaXPress the first of the machine vision standards to adopt it.

GenDC (Generic Data Container) is a GenICam module that defines how image data is structured, transmitted or received independent of its format, including complex image formats such as 3D. As we see more industrial, scientific and medical applications adopting 3D imaging in everyday tasks, adding support for this feels like a natural step. You can read more about the GenDC standard in EMVA ‘s documentation.

JIIA has also released a separate guideline document that describes how to elegantly support the use of optical media with the CoaXPress protocol. CoaXPress over Fiber is an add-on to the v2.1 specification and allows the CoaXPress protocol to easily work with fiber optic links.

Both these additions allow CoaXPress to continue to be the preferred standard for very high-speed camera systems. Active Silicon offer a range of FireBird frame grabbers that support this flexible and practical standard.

Looking forward to later in 2021, the COVID pandemic means that the Spring standards meeting (IVSM) will be held remotely again and will be spread over several weeks in May. The expected date for the CoaXPress meeting is May 21st and we’ll keep you informed as the date approaches. Sign up to our newsletter to receive more industry updates.