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A new year full of computer vision opportunities

January 3, 2023

2022 was a remarkable year, not just for us but the wider global computer vision industry too.

What happened in 2022?

Last year saw the successful deployment of the James Webb telescope, and we’ve been amazed and enchanted by the detail and quality of the images released.
The Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to researchers from France, Austria and the U.S. for their work proving the quantum entanglement of photons – something so complex that none of them can explain how this occurs, just that it does!

While self-driving cars are still progressing somewhat slowly, UAVs and ROVs empowered with vision technology are opening up a wealth of opportunities in delivery, remote surveillance and defense markets.

Closer to home, we expanded our range of computer vision products to include IP autofocus-zoom cameras and board cameras.

We welcomed new members into our R&D and Operations teams to meet the growing demand from our expanding customer base.

We were also delighted to attend VISION again, back to almost-full-strength and proving itself as the leading opportunity to meet with industry peers and customers.

What’s on the agenda for 2023?

The coming year promises to be a hugely influential one for computer vision as we expect supply chain issues in the industry to play less of a part in constraining development.

Watch out for vision technologies cropping up in even more applications, especially industrial transformation. More compact components and faster processing techniques are enabling more vision at the edge, bringing factories and warehouses firmly into the 21st century.

A need for increased connectivity will drive the trend in adopting IP-enabled components, allowing AI to become even more commonplace.

For Active Silicon, we’ll be adding further camera modules to our Harrier autofocus-zoom and Oriole board camera ranges. Our R&D team have been focused on developing new technologies driven by our customers in remote monitoring, industrial inspection and UAV manufacture, and you’ll learn more about these as the year progresses.

You’ll also see a return to closer-to-normal lead times for many of our frame grabbers and embedded systems.

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