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Autofocus-zoom block camera solutions with multiple video output options

Active Silicon offers a range of autofocus-zoom block cameras. Camera features include multiple output options, compact size, global shutter, powerful zoom and our own range of Harrier cost-effective block cameras.

Find out more about the Harrier AF-Zoom Camera range, as well as Tamron and Sony block cameras in the listings below. With our Harrier block camera interface board technology (see Harrier Camera Interface Boards) we offer LVDS, 3G/HD-SDI, analog (CVBS), HD-VLC, USB 3 (UVC), HDMI and IP (Ethernet) H.264 video output options.

To enable fast and easy evaluation of our AF-Zoom block camera solutions we offer camera Evaluation Kits.

Applications for Harrier AF-zoom cameras comprise unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles (UAVs, drones and ROVs), traffic and rail surveillance, pipe inspection and remote monitoring, medical applications among many others.

Contact us to find the right AF-zoom block camera for your vision system.

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