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ETX Mini-Embedded System

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ETX Mini-Embedded System

Part Number: AS-CM01-ETX-A

  • Custom ETX format embedded system.
  • Range of low to medium power processor options.
  • 2 x video inputs (RS-170/CCIR).
  • 2 x RS-422 ports.
  • 3 x RS-485 ports.
  • 3 x Hall effect sensor inputs.
  • 12 x programmable I/O.
  • LCD panel driver.
  • 1 x SATA ports.
  • 1 x VGA, keyboard, mouse for development.
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The CM01 Mini-Embedded System has been custom designed for inclusion into a medical device in the field ophthalmology. As well as acquiring and processing two video streams, the unit performs device control via a range of high speed serial links and input/output control lines.  The unit has been designed for long term use in an environment where a high level of reliability is vital.

If you have a requirement for an embedded system with high reliability and long product life, please contact us for further details.