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Active Silicon’s Harrier USB/HDMI camera interface board

New Harrier USB/HDMI board delivers more choice for autofocus zoom block camera applications

July 20, 2020

Our Harrier family is growing and the newest arrival is our USB/HDMI Camera Interface Board. This interface solution provides simultaneous HDMI and USB Video Class (UVC) v1.1 output for autofocus zoom cameras including the Harrier AF-Zoom cameras, the Tamron MP3010M-EV, and Sony EV series. It serves as both video output and USB control input port and can support modes up to 1080p60.

USB Video output is enabled when the board is connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.x host. When an HDMI cable is connected, the HDMI output is enabled. On power-up, the camera video mode may be selected by the DIP switch settings on the board. Camera video modes, along with other camera and interface board functions, may also be controlled by serial communications over RS-485/RS-232/TTL, or by using USB commands over the USB connection. The USB interface serves as both (UVC) video output and USB based control input port. For developers who are new to creating UVC based applications, there is a working example UVC application and software API in the Harrier USB Software Development Kit.

Our Harrier block camera range

Harrier products extend camera capability for challenging vision applications such as pipe inspection, robotics, ROVs, UAVs, medical imaging, law enforcement and remote vision in general. They deliver high-definition, real-time imaging over long cable lengths even when using multiple slip rings. The range includes a 3G-SDI interface board and an SDI adapter for format conversion of 3G-SDI and HD-SDI video streams and USB video capture.

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