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Frame Grabbers

Image representing the FireBird Frame Grabbers FlyerCoaXPress and Camera Link Acquisition Cards

Active Silicon designs and manufactures a wide range of frame grabbers based around leading-edge hardware technology. The range includes acquisition solutions for CoaXPress and Camera Link in different form-factors. Operating system support includes 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux and QNX.

Our high-speed, real-time FireBird CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers are fully GenICam compliant. They support GPU processing and are compatible with both AMD‘s DirectGMA and NVIDIA’s GPUDirect for Video.

The ActiveSDK software development kit provides comprehensive example applications and optimized libraries. Camera and frame grabber control is delivered by our GenICam compliant front-end software ActiveCapture.

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FireBird CoaXPress Frame Grabber (4x CXP-6) - product photo
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