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The Tamron MP3010M-EV AF-Zoom camera

New – Tamron MP3010M-EV AF-Zoom camera

November 17, 2022

The Tamron MP3010M-EV AF-Zoom camera is the successor to the very popular MP1010M and MP1110M cameras, and we have stock ready for shipping today.

The MP3010M-EV is extremely light and compact, measuring only 59 x 33 x 43mm. The Full HD camera features a 10x zoom, a 5MP sensor, simultaneous LVDS/HDMI/CVBS image output, and an enhanced electronic image stabilizer. 3G-SDI, USB 3 or Ethernet IP video output solutions are available, using Active Silicon’s Harrier interface technology.

The Tamron MP3010M-EV is particularly well-suited to applications in surveillance, defense, remote monitoring, traffic & transport, industrial inspection and medical imaging. As the smallest autofocus-zoom block camera on the market it is also suitable for replacing old camera modules, as well as designing-in to new vision systems.

See the full spec on our website and  for more details or to place your order – we have units ready for shipping today.