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AF-Zoom and Board Cameras for Law Enforcement & Surveillance

The back of a policeman with a police car blurred in the background

Requirements from police, law enforcement agencies, government authorities, surveillance companies and homeland security are becoming increasingly complex. Cameras are expected to deliver high-resolution images and video in real-time, sometimes across a large network.

Autofocus-zoom cameras offer the flexibility required

Active Silicon’s range of Harrier AF-Zoom cameras meet the stringent requirements of police and security officers with their compact size and powerful imaging capability. Every camera is equipped with a fast and reliable autofocus which adapts to a changing target distance or field of view in real-time and powerful zoom options allow zooming in and out as required. Our IP cameras offer extremely low latency, supporting video transmission in critical situations.

With a variety of zoom options and outputs available, our AF-Zoom and board cameras enable:

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking enforcement
  • Access control
  • Border protection
  • ANPR and ALPR
  • Public area surveillance
  • Body-worn imaging

Board cameras suitable for body-worn surveillance

Harrier 10x IP AF-Z camera with Oriole HD-SDi board cameraBody-worn cameras must be highly reliable, compact and have low power needs. Our Oriole HD-SDI board cameras meet these requirements and the camera can be supplied with a switchable IR-cut filter, offering excellent day and night vision. A global shutter option enables the capture of fast moving objects without blur.

Contact us with your surveillance requirement to see which of our Harrier AF-Zoom cameras or Oriole board cameras will be best suited to your application.